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The Hi Hats Orchestra

This is an album released in Nov 1963 that Dr. Tom Kusek's Dad, Richie,
played upright bass and sang on.

He sings lead on
track 5 "Cialy Do Baksy" (Charlie the Boxer) on side A.
The band was know as
The Hi Hats

They played gigs around the greater Hazelton, PA area in the 1950s and 60s

The vinyl album was recently purchased online and some digital re-mastering
has been applied to reduce noise and add sonic enhancements.

These tracks are for your listening pleasure only and should not be downloaded or sold.
There is no intention of copyright or publishing rights

This page exists solely as an homage to Richie Kusek Sr.,
who passed on his legacy and love of polka music to his sons Thomas and Richard Jr.

We hope you enjoy the music!


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