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New Original Polkas as heard on Polka Joe Manjack's Magic Polka Machine

every Sunday morning 10am-1pm EST


All songs ©2021/2022 by Keith Heffner
All songs BMI- Surge Street Music Publishing

Spinning Record

The Fezziwig Express Does Polka!

Tom Kusek, Paul Nunez, and Keith Heffner (AKA "The Boys"have recently branched out into writing and recording original Polka songs. Inspired by Tom Kusek’s Hazelton, PA roots, the Heff churned out a couple of numbers
that were met with immediate critical success (that means our wives liked them a lot.)
Since no one can quite figure out what the heck a Fezziwig is anyway, we just record stuff we like regardless of musical genre.
As Paul is fond of saying: “Don’t put my music in a box man, we can do it all!”

The band caught a lucky break when Polka Joe Manjack began playing the songs on his weekly 
Magic Polka Machine every Sunday 10am-1pm EST.

 So come back and visit our site when you can and look for more polkas coming up as we
explore the essence of the east coast style Tom is so fond of.

   A little backstory on the songs: 

I Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Just a fun little diddy from The Fezziwig Express . Who among us hasn’t spoken the phrase: “I Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda” at some point in our lives—me at least once a week! This song describes how we get nervous sometimes before asking someone to dance for the first time.  Features Paul on the tenor sax.   
“This one has a great beat,” says Peg Kusek (an Arizona Polka Pal)

 Mr. Accordion Man
This is a tribute to all the amazing polka accordionists in the world. And everyone knows “it ain’t no joke-a, it’s really not a polka” without an accordion. The fictional character, Mr. Accordion Man, represents the quintessential polka accordion player. Gotta love those bellows shakes So, give them your props (man or woman) next time you go to hear your favorite polka band! 

If My Dog Could Dance She’d Do The Polka
We sure do love our dogs and when we blast the Magic Polka Machine on Sundays our German Shepherd loves it. This is just a silly song dedicated to our very own Polka Pups that we think would love to dance with us—especially to the Polka!
(Not to knock the feline friends of the show, we just don’t have any at home.)
Enjoy! (and remember to give your Polka Pup a big hug today)

My Gal Val
Keith has been bitten by the Polka bug ever since he’s been listening to Polka Joe. He’s now retired and having a ball working on new
Polkas for fun. “My Gal Val” is a solo venture inspired by his wife Valerie and a desire to come up with a polka for Valentine’s Day.
He says if he keeps this up, he may have a complete album by Thanksgiving!
(He’s also getting a year’s worth of good Karma credit from Valerie as she loves the song too!)

My Good Friend I’ll Be There
This tune was inspired by Keith’s fellow Fezziwigger Tom Kusek. Tom’s been enduring considerable physical pain and mental strain since last August of 22'and will be going through a series of operations on his leg and back over the next year or so.
It’s been slow going but he’s working at getting better every day.
Sometimes we all just need to hear the words even though we know our friends and family are there for us.

So, if you get a chance to tell someone you’re there for them, just say it out loud.
Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boilo!
This song captures the spirit and humor of making Boilo, a traditional holiday libation attributed to regional PA coal miners.
The magic started when band member Tom Kusek shared his Boilo stories with his pal Keith Heffner.
Keith decided to whip up a batch of his own using a recipe he found in a Susquehanna Valley paper.
One sip and he was inspired to write this song.

The Fezziwig Express

Christmas Song Originals and Covers

Fezziwig Express_edited.jpg
Spinning Record

The Story of The Fezziwig Express: 

When Tom Kusek, Paul Nunez, and Keith Heffner got together to play the annual  Heffmeister Christmas Spectaculars they didn’t know what their future beheld. Tom  on guitar, Paul on sax, and Keith (the Heff) on piano would start playing their  sonorous Christmastime music for the masses in their usual inebriated fashion. The  more everyone drank, the better they sounded. 

In the good old days (2017-2019, pre-covid) they would whip the crowd into a frenzy  with their versions of Jingle Bell Rock, Do You Hear What I Hear, The Christmas Song  and much more. Guests clamored to grab the microphone or join in with their  instruments and have them be their back up band for the songs they sang. (Usually  when the limoncello and Sambuca were freely flowing after dinner). 

Alas, the band got tired of their own “sound” as everything somehow was stuck in a  shuffle “old school” beat due to the fact that they had no rhythm section. They tried  karaoke type backing tracks but that was only good if everyone was toasted. Uh, not  

everyone got toasted so the band was outed (a la Milly Vanilli in the 80s) as they  were harassed for using backing tracks and not “live” musicians (the boys were very  crushed after that-took them a whole day to get over it). Honestly, they didn’t have  the budget for any extra musicians—hell, they worked for drinks!

This year, they vowed to do something different, as they feared the very existence of  the band was at stake. Hence the new name (they didn’t have one until now) and the  fresh arrangements were just what they needed to bring their talents together for  your Holiday entertainment. Why “The Fezziwig Express” you may have been  thinking? Well, Fezziwig is the name of a character from Dickens’ “A Christmas  Carol.” When Scrooge is transported to his past via the Ghost of Christmas Past, he  remarks on the joy and happiness he recalls in his apprenticeship days at Old  Fezziwig’s when the Fezz-ster would make time for a party on Christmas Eve for  family and the staff in his employ. Since this is Heff’s favorite character in the story,  and since the band used his computer and equipment well…the name was approved  forthwith. 

The “boys” hope you enjoy the music in the spirit for which it is intended as they  have always appreciated their fans during the holiday season. 

Included with this album are 2 new original songs: "Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boilo!” and “Jingle Bell Funk.” 

So, get ready for some Holiday Cheer and thanks to all the fans. We couldn’t have  made it this far without you! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!