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Dr. Tom

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Just Fiddling' Around!

About Dr. Tom Kusek:

     Originally from Hazleton, PA., I was a Blues/Rock guitarist and played with many local bands in the 1970’s. I was always a Polka listener as my father was a Polka musician who was the founder of The Swingmasters Polka Band, and he recorded in 1963 with the

Hi Hats Polka Orchestra. When I was in a need of a wheelchair due to spinal cord issues, my wife Peg and I relocated to Arizona.


     I met Keith Heffner in Mesa Community College’s Audio Production Technology program where he was an instructor. We suddenly became good friends and worked on many music projects there for disabled students. We would often have jam sessions and I immediately realized what a professional keyboardist he was. However, it really became obvious when we performed at the International Film Awards Festival in Scottsdale. When people were listening to his solos, they were not only listening, but leaning forward in awe. 

     I performed with one of my Dad’s bands, The Pulaski Taverners, playing his upright bass at a confirmation party for my brother, which was an honor for me. I was also called to the stage to play violin with Joe Stanky and his Cadets a few times as we were friends through the Polish National Catholic Church Polka band bookings.

     I also obtained a PhD and Keith was one of my biggest motivators. Recently, I shared my Polish musical heritage with Keith. He took great interest. Also, Paul Nunez was a perfect fit for our group adding his amazing sax talents to our Fezziwig sound. 

Here we are, The Fezziwig Express! I hope you enjoy the recordings.

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Dr. Tom w/ Happy Louis

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